Welcome To MyAds V3.0!

They say the best things in life are free, and we at MyAds totally agree. That’s why we created an app that rewards users with mind-blowing freebies every time they interact with it. Every user on our platform is paid instantly just by viewing adverts on your call screen on your mobile phone. Sounds interesting right? If you’re not a new user and you haven't updated your MyAds app, you are missing out on a lot. The new app comes with a lot of features, services, rewards and discount deals that we can't help but share with you. But first, let's take a look at the new icon and logo.

You can agree with us that they're a big improvement on the former. Our icon is not only aesthetically pleasing, it imbibes our value of targeted advertising that rewards everyone for

We’ve made improvements to how the app looks on the inside. The new app sports a clean, simple and easy User Interface and has a some new features. The first big improvement we must mention is the Ad payout for received calls. Instead of getting N3 Naira, we have increased it to N5. Now, you can earn even more as you receive calls. For all newbies, MyAds pays in points that have equivalent value in Naira i.e. 1 point = N1. You won't be wrong in saying we're becoming the newest currency in town.

Up next is the Dashboard. The sleek design shows off your favorite vouchers and stores where MyAds points can be exchanged for products. We are partnering with well-known brands in World to make your points a currency for purchasing anything and everything.

We have cool new Badges that track your milestones when using the app. With every badge you get, you receive rewards of points, vouchers, coupons, plaques, and even invites to exclusive events. A few of the badges currently on display are: 1 . Rookie: Welcome bonus
2. Swag Attack: Complete your profile and upload a picture
3. Call Champ: Receive up to 30 calls in a day and view 30 ads
4. Daywalker: Use MyAds app continuously
5. Referro: Refer 33 people

There is reward in sharing, so we decided to reward everyone that shares the app to family, friends, contacts and even strangers. All you have to do is share your Referral Code to your Social Media pages (Twitter, Facebook, etc), to your Instant Messengers (BBM, Whatsapp, etc), through Email or via texts. For everyone that downloads the app using your code, you get 5 points, and you keep earning from them.

Your opinion matters, and we want your feedback on a lot of things. So, we added the Surveys & Polls tab to make sure your voice is heard. Be a part of the growth of your favourite brands, and get rewarded for every vote sent and every question answered.

With everything going on in the world, we want to keep you in the loop of things. That’s why we added a tab strictly for breaking news, and updates on the happening events around the world. The Infotainment tab is also linked to our blog so you can be sure of getting the latest news about the MyAds service.

As you can see, the new app is packed with rewards just waiting to be grabbed. Go on and update your app to get a piece of the freebies we have, or download to be a part of our community of mobile money earners.