In order to quench our users wonderful appetite, we have decided to partner with you!

With MyAds, merchants/Partners can grow their business by accepting MyAds Points and or deliver coupons and paid vouchers to our users.

  • Guaranteed Visibility

    Your brand will be published on our app including your vouchers and coupons.

  • We bring you more customers

    For partnering with us, you get access to our ever growing community of MyAds Users.

  • Great Feedback

    We allow users to feedback on your products and services

  • You can track buyers

    We have built a beautiful dashboard for you to track viewers and users of your product

  • Great Reporting

    You can get reports on clicks and conversions of vouchers on our platform

  • Your Own App

    MyAds provides you the MyAds Merchants App to confirm vouchers and coupons

We created an Awesome Dashboard for you!

To Allow you track every visitor and usage of your product and comments, we have designed a dashboard just for you.


Track everything from users, comments, feedbacks and loads more

Read Comments

You can read comments and feedbacks

You Get Paid

We sell your products and give you the money, no questions asked

101% Guaranteed reach

We deliver you customers, but you don't pay anything. Isn't that a great deal?


We are hear to guide you through the whole painless process


Connect with the customers and feed them back with what they ask for in their comments to you

How does it work

First view

MyAds App does all the work for you. Download Now


The MyAds App Merchants/Partners platform is a feature rich platform that allows any merchant/partner to reach loads of customers and deliver coupons (discounted or free) and vouchers (paid) to their phones. This is guaranteed engagement without paying a penny, but rather reaping the conversions.

  • Show your products to relevant customers
  • Generate traffic
  • Publish as many coupons and vouchers as possible
  • Get analytics on which product people like and target more
  • Get conversions and not spend a penny
  • Get payments for your products locally and in local currency
  • Become more visible to your customers
  • Get discounted ad when you decide to publish ads
  • Sell your products to a large community for free
  • We will support you all the way

MyAds News in our BLOG

We have created an interesting and engaging blog which also feeds into our Infotainment part of our App, hope you enjoy the read.

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