A Better Life Than We Thought.

There was once a time one needed to tune to a particular frequency to listen to any announcement. There was even a time such announcements were done in morse code, it was practically impossible for anyone who didn’t understand the language to decipher the message.

Life has changed for the better from those days, when we had town criers, signboards and the various intrusive forms of advertising. Today, our pains are not only the loudspeakers from the nearest advertising store or the various forms of posters shoved under our doors, We now have to sit out a TV commercial during our favourite TV show. Or listen to a particular radio jingle a million times on our way to work.

We also get “stalked” by our favorite brands trying to connect with us on the many social media platforms that we are on. We get targeted and every possible adverts gets thrown at us. Has anyone ever thought of a way to compensate us for viewing these ads?

Yes!! MyAds Global has developed a means to reward thousands of mobile users in the country, that have at one point or the other interacted with an advert. This time, just receive a call and view the ads to receive points. No hassles, no extra or hidden charges, just download, register and you are good to go. Even better, share to your community and get more points.

Finally, advertising has become financially beneficial to both parties. Hurray!!