Welcome to the mobile App  MyAds that rewards you Instantly!

MyAds App is an APP that rewards you instantly. We reward everyone with Phone recharge, Vouchers, Coupons and cash.

  • Great Deals

    You get great deals on your home screen of your phone.

  • Beautiful Call Screen

    We beautify your incoming call screen with lovely images and page you for it.

  • Phone Recharge

    We deliver phone recharge to your for free, earned from your incoming calls

  • Vouchers

    You get great redemptions options with nice cheap vouchers.

  • Coupons

    You get free coupons and discounted deals from the MyAds App Partners.

  • Breaking News

    You get great breaking news update from around the world, a local manner. We send you what is necessary.

It's an Awesome App

We have created an app from the users and advertisers perspective.


The App rewards the user of the app, you get instant rewards. Rewards can be Cash, vouchers, coupons or phone recharge.


The app allows our advertisers to display wonderful images and pay you for targeting you.


You can take a survey or a poll and tell your feelings about a product, and get paid for it.


We have created lovely redemption options, so not only you get free points you also get loads of redemption options.


We have a dedicated team for support. Alss we are accommodating, no matter your language we will meet your needs.


Connect with your friends on social media and express yourself. We are on all social media apps.

How does it work

First view

MyAds App does all the work for you. Download Now


The MyAds App is feature rich and can be split into three major components. The components are The Users, The Advertisers and the Merchant. With all this sections you have a rich array of exciting features combining the best technology and the patented solution we call MyAds.

  • Global App local Targeting
  • Free Airtime
  • Coupons and Discounted products
  • Great analytics for advertisers
  • Vouchers
  • Phone recharges
  • Cash (In some countries)
  • LBreaking news and infotainment
  • Great support system
  • Share and earn more

Our Screenshots

We ensure quality & support. People love us & we love them. Here goes some simple dummy text.

MyAds News in our BLOG

We have created an interesting and engaging blog which also feeds into our Infotainment part of our App, hope you enjoy the read.

Welcome To MyAds V3.0!

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